Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas in Croatia

Marshmallow Roasting Stand
We went to Ljubljana for a Self-Reliance Devotional/Workshop on Saturday.  Afterwards, we were able to go downtown and see the Christmas lights. It is such a beautiful city, but we seem to be seeing beauty everywhere we go.  During the day, we came upon two sister missionaries and I happened to know one of them.  The one and only, Sister VanWagoner!  We hugged and visited for a while.  She is happy in Ljubljana and I know they love her there.
Stretan misionari!

We stayed until dark and when the Christmas lights went on, all the children squealed with delight.  It must have been a family night because it was very crowded.  It really was amazing to see, and of course, I took pictures.  I couldn't use my tripod because I lost the camera attachment thingy and I'm having a hard time finding another one.  So, I used EK's shoulder and did the best I could.  One, two, three, hold your breath, snap.  I noticed a cute marshmallow stand.  What a great idea!  They provided long sticks, marshmallows, and a fire for roasting.  There was also a roasted chestnut stand.  All that was missing, was some snow.

We have been having fun making Christmas crafts for a local Children's Organization. Our landlady told us about it.  They sell the crafts and the money goes to families who have children with cancer.  We try to go every Wednesday night and EK is having fun visiting with all the ladies.  He is usually the only man there and they are entertained with his attempt to communicate with them in Hrvatski.  He also looks cute in his little work apron...

Beautiful fresco paintings
Serene and peaceful
We went to Osijek this weekend to meet the members, and to see our friends the Andersons.  It is about 3 hours away from Karlovac and it was foggy all the way there, and back.  They are used to it here and drive as if it is normal driving conditions and zoom right past us slow pokes.  We stayed overnight in a comfortable Hostel near St. Peter and Paul Cathedral.  The cathedral was built in 1898 and is a treasure trove of neo-gothic ornamentation.  The ceilings and walls were painted by Mirko Rački, a famous Croatian artist.  We were happy to find it open so we could take a peek.  We love to explore the churches and cathedrals here. It was EK's birthday on Monday, but I had a bad cold over the entire weekend, so I wasn't much fun.  We'll have to celebrate another day this week.  Oh, I wish they had Nyquil here...
Our host left us fruit for a snack

I found a hair salon for a haircut and color.  The stylist was sweet and very good with the color.  Another girl cut my hair and was very meticulous. I'm not used to having two people do my hair, but they did a great job. I especially liked the shampoo experience. A leisurely head and neck massage, and all the while the lower back of the chair which had a massager, gently massaged my back.   Ahhh, it was a little bit of heaven...maybe I can go back weekly, just to get a shampoo...

It's time to think about Christmas baking.  I can find almost everything I need. One thing that is impossible to find here are pie tins.  Reason being is they don't make round pies.  They are rectangular with a thick crust.  But thanks to my friends Cathy & Mary, I have peppermint extract and candies for some treats.

 Za naše unuke:
The word of the week is:  sišanje (shee-shawn-yea), which means haircut.  I just got one, and Grandpa is looking a little shaggy.  He has an appointment this week.

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  1. Merry Christmas guys, and Happy (late) Birthday Grandpa! Looks like you guys are having quite the adventure. That cathedral looks amazing!