Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stretan Uskrs!

Intricate detail 
Our current district
It was a beautiful Easter weekend.  We had Zone Conference on Saturday in Zagreb and were able to see other senior couples that are serving
throughout Croatia.  We also met a new senior couple who have been assigned to  serve in Rijeka,  Elder and Sister Grahovac.  They are originally from Croatia, raised their family in Germany and are back to serve a mission here.  It is exciting to see new senior missionaries come out, as they fulfill such a useful purpose.  We never before realized how powerful an asset senior couples can be to a mission.  We are so happy that we have the health, strength, and means to serve.

Branch egg decorating
We decorated eggs at church with some of the members.  We colored them much like at home, and added some shrink wrap type bands to them.  The kids loved doing it.  I know there are many different ways to do them.  We saw some beautiful eggs at a restaurant, and I asked where they were done.  The waitress said that her mother does them every year and it is a tradition.  I would love to see a demonstration someday.  They are incredible.

We traveled to Rijeka on Sunday, attended church, and had a
Locks of Love in Rijeka
lovely Easter lunch that Sister Peterson prepared for everyone.  Before we left, we rode down to the waterfront.  It was a beautiful day, and as we crossed a bridge, I noticed love locks on it.  I have heard of other bridges where they do the same thing, Paris for one.  There was also a lone sailboat out on the water, and GK got a little envious of the sailor on board.  I reminded him that it was Sunday, and that the poor guy was motoring around because there wasn't any wind.  That brought him back to his senses.
Sailboat in Rijecka
Rijeka Branch Priesthood
We took Sister Peterson and Sister Washburn to Plivička National Park which is the waterfall park.  They are leaving for home in a couple of weeks and we wanted to make sure they had a chance to see it.  We checked with President Grant to see if they could go on P-day.  We got the o.k. and off we went (in the Opel, of course) We saw some beautiful sights, and had a bonus of seeing some other senior missionaries.

Spring in Plivička
We stopped in Slunj on the way home for pizza.  This sweet little town is nestled on top and amid smaller waterfalls and is right out of a fairytale book.  A river runs through it and while we were there, people were setting up for a kayak race the following weekend.  We stopped in a restaurant for pizza (the best I have had so far).  Then off we went to Karlovac, to have Easter dinner at our apartment.  We met together with the Elders and Sisters for a ham dinner.  Our Easter weekend was complete.

With all the many things that keep our
lives busy, it is important that we remember what this weekend represents.  We are grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ.  We are grateful for His atoning sacrifice, and that because of Him, we will all receive the blessing of resurrection after this life.  He lives! We love Him, we love our mission!  It is a decision we made for which we will forever be grateful.

Word of the week:  Stretan Uskrs (stre tan ooskers)  which means Happy Easter!

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