Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bunny In a Bag

Bunny and family
We took Sisters Rusick and Bushong to Plitvika jezera Lakes National Park a couple of weeks ago.  As we walked the trail we ended up behind a cute little curly headed girl with her daddy. (can you tell I'm missing my unuci?)  As I looked closer I noticed something sticking out of his backpack.  I can imagine hearing this little darling tell her daddy not to forget Bunny.  Notice he didn't stuff him in and zip up the pack.  He made sure he could breathe and positioned him so he could see the beautiful view, as well.  How sweet is that!  I thought this was a cute story to share in honor of all the fathers who have loved like this daddy obviously  loves his little girl.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!

Mangeris, Pantelakis, Rusick, Bushong
We had to say goodbye to Elders Mangeris and Pantelakis, and Sisters Rusick and Bushong last week.  They were transferred to different areas of the mission.  The good news is when transfers occur and missionaries move,  others will come to replace them.  We now have Elders Lewis and Graham, and Sisters Barnes and Elmore and we are excited to work with them.  I will include their picture in the next posting.  The sister missionaries and I did our service for the Jak kao Jakov Foundation at their workshop. We are regulars on Wednesday nights and look forward to meeting with the other workers. This time we painted boxes which they (experienced workers) will decoupage designs on. We do a lot of painting because it's not too technical and it's difficult to mess up!  We get the easy jobs but have been reminded more than once by Jakov's mother that all jobs are important and necessary for success. Jakov is a young man who died of cancer a few years ago and his mother started this organization.  The crafts are sold and the proceeds benefit families who have children with cancer.  It is a well organized operation and run by a very capable and dedicated young mother who by helping other families, is also providing a lasting tribute to her young son.  

Karlovac Relief Society
We had a District Women's Conference which included all the women church members in Croatia.  To avoid having to travel the distance to Zagreb, the Church provides us with state-of-the-art equipment so that we are able to broadcast such meetings over the internet.  The congregations are wide spread so this is a blessing for the members to be able to view the meetings in their home units.  EK had to attend in Zagreb and I opted to stay in Karlovac and have the women over for dinner before the broadcast for a women's night.  Milena Sarapa brought her two children and I found it especially entertaining that Mihael insisted on holding his trusty pistol for the picture.  It appears that he is protecting his women folk.  After dinner we all walked over to the church and watched the broadcast.  

The Raić's
President Raić's son Luka was blessed last Sunday during our worship service.  The naming and blessing of a baby is the church's method of creating a record for the child.  It also provides an opportunity for a father to publicly pronounce a blessing upon his child.  President Raić was overcome with emotion and it was a beautiful experience to witness.  I was once again reminded of the many opportunities that the Lord provides us to be actively involved in our children's spiritual growth and development.  We took pictures afterwards and baby Luka was the center of attention.  Bless his sweet little heart!                      

Word of the week:  blagoslov (blog oh slove) which means blessing
                                blagoslovi means blessings

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