Monday, October 12, 2015

Grocery shopping...again?

E.K. does not realize what it takes to set up a kitchen.  And he does not realize how time consuming it is in the grocery store, when all the labels are in a different language.  Well, it may take me awhile, but it's a great way to learn vocabulary!  He does not like going to the grocery store. I however, think it's fun.  Picture this, I give him an assignment let's say, to find milk.  He goes on his merry way.  He comes back with  a container with what looks like milk, we pay for it, we take it home, and find out it is yogurt!  Like I said, it takes time...
Zagreb Chapel

We participated in our first missionary transfer, and had to drive to the Zagreb chapel.  In a mission, missionaries are assigned a specific city for a period of time.  Occasionally, the mission president will change their assigned area.  When that happens, they are a part of the missionary transfer.  This is one of the times when senior missionaries are needed.  We may move luggage, we may move missionaries, we may even provide housing for missionaries overnight.  You just never know what we will be doing next.

While in Zagreb, we had to go the the Mission Office.  Parking is tricky, and we were told we could take a picture of our license plate and text it to a phone number we were given.  Mmm, E.K. was a little confused, but he found a patient and friendly pedestrian who talked him through it.
Thank you, kind sir!

We have been on the go and many times we skip meals because of time.  I remember at the mission office talking to S.H. and she gave me some advice.  She said, "you never know when your next meal will be, so never pass up the opportunity to eat".  I thought that was funny at the time.  Now I know what she meant.

We had our first district meeting at our apartment.  The four missionaries (two elders, and two sisters) came over for a planning meeting.  I attempted to make chocolate chip cookies for the 1st time.  I think they were pretty good.  They don't have chocolate chips here, but they have great chocolate.  So, I bought a chocolate bar, chopped it up, and added it to the batter.  The missionaries didn't complain.  After that meeting, we went over to church for another meeting with the Branch President.  We are having an Open House the end of this month, and he went over some things with us. Then we had our new friend L. come over to our apartment with her application for a thesis she is writing, for a doctorate class.  She wanted us to look at it.  By the time she left it was 9:00 p.m. and guess what...we hadn't eaten since 11:30 a.m. Again, I didn't listen to S.H.'s advice.  We'll get better, I promise.
Beautiful Karlovac

Took a walk over to the local shops and found a meat market with a sweet lady butcher who ground me up some fresh beef.  I love lean ground sirloin, so she helped direct me to the right meat. We will go there from now on, and hopefully get to know her better.  There were some interesting things in that case.. that I don't think I will try anytime soon...  On a funny note, we stopped in a store to buy a couple of things.  We visited with the checkout lady and when she said havala (thank you), E.K. responded with volimo,  (love you) but he meant to say molimo (your welcome).  We had a good laugh over that one!
Exploring the local shops
Speaking of food, we had all the missionaries and our favorite local young person M. over for dinner. They are fun to watch as they interact with one another.  I can see that M. respects them, as they do him.  He is an impressive young man. We played a spirited game of UNO and then had a short language session. They left by 9:00 p.m.
Dinner guests

We are getting some good walks in.  We hardly use the car.  On Saturday, we walked over to a baseball field to watch a game between Karlovac (karlovatz) and Split (spleet).  The sister missionaries' landlord is the coach for the Karlovac team.  It was chilly and rainy, but the game went on.  It was fun to watch, and they were good. We (well, really me) only lasted 3 innings, because of the rain and cold.  I can't believe they kept going.  They would have called it back home.

Here we go, our little unuci... the word of the week is:
kisobran  (kee sho bran) which means umbrella, and what we used everyday this week!  Remember to roll the "r"    

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