Monday, October 5, 2015

Our first week in Croatia

Where did Tuesday go?  Yes, we lost it...when we travelled through seven time zones!  We arrived in Zagreb and stayed at the mission home overnight.  We have been assigned to serve in Karlovac.  We have a car, an Opel.  Thankfully, we had someone to follow as we drove to Karlovac. What an experience.  Have you ever driven on a road where you couldn't understand the road signs?
E.K. standing proudly by his Opel

 We arrived at our apartment which is a block from the church building.  The church is on the second floor of what seems to be a garage of some sort.  Our apartment is very comfortable with two bedrooms and a modern kitchen, and color scheme of green (my favorite color) and purple.  You could say it is bright & cheery!  We met the landlord who speaks very good english.  She is a sweetheart and I know we can call her if we have any, how do you run this washing machine? The elders were there to meet us and they helped with our luggage.
Our living room

Then we had our first experience in a grocery store.  Glad the elders were there to help.  We decided to celebrate, so we took the elders out to eat at Burger King.  I think they liked that!   The next day the elders helped us with filling out papers for our visa, and then we had to go to the mup (police station, pron. moop).
I love the Ketch up!

 E.K. has done quite a bit of driving this week, and we can't seem to find our way back home.  So we drive around in circles for a while and then I suggest...turning on the GPS.  Works every time.  We went to an english class at church one evening and met two students.  I thought they spoke very good english, especially M.  He actually speaks several languages and is a very impressive young man.  We also met N and he is friendly and easy to talk to, funny too.  I think I love it here...

Almost forgot, we promised the grandkids that we would do a word of the week, so here it is:
 * Dobar dan    (pronounced do bar don)  *means - good day  and  is a popular greeting.

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  1. This is so interesting. We're enjoying the sites and your new experiences!