Monday, October 19, 2015

It's still raining...

Yes, it is still raining.  For the last two weeks it has rained almost everyday.  It has not affected us.  We just take the kishobran and walk to the market.  They have put sandbags around our apartment building as a precautionary measure.  Last year they had a terrible flood and our building was a foot under water.  Glad we are on the 4th floor!  But sunshine is on it's way according to the forecast.  We shall see...

The highlight of this week was our 1st Zone Conference in Zagreb on Friday.  We were blessed to have Elder & Sister Charles instruct all forty of us.  Elder Charles is the Area Seventy for the Adriatic North Mission, Adriatic South, and Greece Athens Mission.  The Spirit was felt by all, as we listened to their message.  We are so grateful to be here and mingle with these awesome missionaries.  They keep us young at heart!

Zone Conference
We stopped at Food Ness in Zagreb, which is a store that carries American food.  Sister Hertz and Sister Van Wagoner were with us and were excited to see Cheez Its  and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  The selection was limited to a few random things.  The clerk did say a new shipment is due after Halloween, so they will probably have a better choice then.  I found Lawry's Seasoning Salt, so it wasn't a complete bust.

Oh, happy days!
Buying mac & cheese for the elders
 On the way home we shared  Cheetos, Cheez Its, Pop Tarts, and soda for our dinner.  Probably the most unhealthy meal (if you can call it a meal) we've ever had, but look at those smiles.

On Saturday we went to the Mission Home for a CCM meeting E.K. had to attend.  Elder Charles presided at the meeting of all the district presidents, and the mission presidency. After the meeting we were able to spend time with everyone as we all went out to dinner at a local steak house across the street from the Mission Home.  The food was delicious and the company was exceptional!

A special evening 

I had such a wonderful birthday.  The sister missionaries called to sing to me, and ten minutes later the elders called with their  rendition of Happy Birthday.  It was P day,  and we were able to meet them at a local crepe cafe for a birthday treat in the afternoon.  I was spoiled...and it was fun!  Elder Mangeris, Elder Williams, Sister Hertz, Sister Van Wagoner, and Matt joined us. They made my day a special one.

My birthday party
Coconut cream crepes!

The word of the week:  sretan which means happy.  Yes we are!

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  1. So cool, happy birthday! It's gotta be a relief to find some food you recognize.